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This chronicle of strong determined women will entertain, amuse, and provide a romantic ending as well.

I have never connected with a main character so effortlessly. Killer Coin is a captivating book that every mystery fan and romantic suspense reader should have on their bookshelf!

A fast-paced fun mystery/drama that grabs you from the first few pages! Fast and Dirty! Just how I like them!

I just didn’t put this down… I said in my review of Divorce is Murder that I hoped another book would follow. Looks like my wish came true…

An engaging mystery and compelling characters.

“A must read full of humor and warmth with a touch of film noir in this whodunnit.”

“This delightful and intriguing mystery of a returnee to a small-town childhood home brings love, laughter and death. Vividly told with memorable characters, it rings oh-so-true.”

“An enjoyable and engaging romp through gorgeous—and rainy—Victoria, B.C with a cast of characters who will make you want more Toby Wong mysteries!”

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