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Hello, I'm Elka Ray

I’m a Canadian/UK author who writes twisty novels about dark and messy secrets. I love to explore flawed characters, intense relationships, and morally questionable choices. My books include the Romantic Mysteries DIVORCE IS MURDER, KILLER COIN, and HANOI JANE, and the upcoming Women’s Noir, A FRIEND INDEED.

In real life, I live with my husband, kids, dogs, cats, and tortoise, dividing my time between the beaches of Central Vietnam and Canada’s scenic Vancouver Island.

When I’m not writing or editing, I’m either on the beach or throwing out questions like: “Well, where would you hide the body”?

The ones who don’t run away are my people.


My email newsletters are rarer than gold grillz on hens’ teeth, but now and then, I share book news, writing, and reading tips, and thoughts about our weird and wonderful existence as “thinking animals”. You can sign up here.

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Elka Ray Author photograph

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